Christmas Wishlist

December has come very quickly and the ‘Christmas Wish list’ is once again here!!!  This has been a very fun way for someone like YOU to help some amazing and special children have a better education in Uganda.  All of these items are in great need at Rising Star Junior School and with YOUR help, we can build a safe and healthy learning environment.  We will be collecting donations toward the items now through Christmas and they will be bought/constructed locally in January 2017.
I will be updating the totals daily for you to see our current goals met.  Donations can be made either through our website using our donation link  ( )  or by check to our P.O. Box (listed below).  All donations are tax deductible!
Gutter system on classrooms (for collecting the rain water) $75 per side of classroom (each classroom has 2 sides) 18

(nine classrooms)

Student Desks $30 40 0
Solar System for Classrooms

(solar panel, batter, wiring, labour per classroom for lights)

$250 6 2
Soccer balls / Netballs $10 40 0





Under “Additional Comments”, please indicate the item and quantity you are donating for.


Kayongo’s  Hope

P.O. Box 888700

Grand Rapids, MI 49588



July 2016 Update

It’s difficult to believe Rising Star Junior School is in it’s fifth year of service.   Each year brings bigger and better things for the children and community. Last year, we had our first primary seven class (the highest class in primary school) sit for the only government assessed examinations for primary students in Uganda. Our students had come from an array of backgrounds, most of whom had little education before arriving at Rising Star. Since 2012, these students spent all their time learning. When they weren’t attending classes, most were studying in groups or even leading their friends in lessons. Most spoke little to no English, but now all can speak and write it fluently. Coming, they had very little hope and nearly no dreams of the future, but now have the hope of becoming doctors, teachers, engineers, lawyers and so much more. For the first time in their lives these dreams are becoming a reality.

When results were released earlier this year, we were so happy that all twenty of our students passed with great results. This year’s class is even more promising because of their extra year of studies at Rising Star. These children will sit for their examinations in the beginning of November and results will be released by February. Results from these examinations will help determine where they can attend secondary school; better results can get them admitted into better schools. Sadly, this is where many children stop studying because of the high costs of secondary school. Building a secondary school is among one of the top priorities for Rising Star. To be able to send these children through primary and secondary school is vital.

Many great things have been done last year and the first part of 2016, they include:

  • Retaining wall and steps for the school soccer field
  • Perimeter wall enclosing they entire school campus
  • Security gate at the entrance of the school campus
  • Additional staff housing
  • And much more involving classroom and office resources

All of this has been possible because of all our dedicated and generous donors and prayer warriors like you. To our child sponsors, thank you for your monthly giving which gives us the ability to hire wonderfully trained Ugandan staff and keep our school kitchen and office resources in stock. Our generous one-time (or more frequent) donors, you give us the ability to continue expanding our borders and allow us to help even more vulnerable and orphaned children. All of your support gives me the ability to dream of a future that in 2012 seemed impossible.

On behalf of the Rising Star students, staff, parents and community, I thank you all for your continuous support. Without you, Rising Star would just be a thought. I know we’re able to help more than our current 400 students; I dream of thousands. As one student said to me, “If Rising Star wasn’t here, I would still be digging in my family’s garden without going to school.” Just think, a few dollars can literally change a child’s life and future. If you haven’t already, please check out our website for more information and ways of helping us give hope, love and a future to these deserving children.



Ryan Kaminski